no weight gain after using phenterminePhentermine is one of the most widely used and prescribed appetite suppressants that work by affecting the central nervous system. In simpler words, it tells the brain that you are not hungry or not interested in food all the time and thus, controls your appetite. As you eat less and your food intake is controlled, automatically, you stop gaining weight. Moreover, this drug also stimulates the body in burning the deposited calories and thereby, helps you to lose weight. People can easily buy phentermine online from FDA phentermine with more benefits.

The problem with phentermine withdrawal:

Though phentermine is highly effective when it comes to losing weight for obese people, especially when people buy cheap phentermine from reputed online drugstores in the prescribed Phentermine dosage rather in offline pharmacies, as there are a few limitations and drawbacks associated with it. This medication is habit-forming or addictive. It is prescribed only for a very limited amount of time and hence, consuming it for more than what is prescribed or recommended, will lead to withdrawal symptoms. Most people, who develop a dependency on this drug, experience serious withdrawal symptoms, amongst which, gaining weight is a most important and serious one.

Why do you gain weight after quitting phentermine?

quitting phenterminePhentermine is an appetite suppressant. It must always be taken along with a proper low-calorie diet and exercise must also be done. This is the only way that will help the body to stop consuming more food, stop gaining more weight and to start losing the deposited and gained weight. In this entire process, it helps in keeping you away from eating more. The less you eat, the more you lose weight.

However, once you stop taking phentermine, your body will start experiencing two very prominent withdrawal symptoms. These are fatigue and gaining weight. Since this drug is a nervous system stimulant, it keeps you alert and energetic. When you stop taking it, you will feel less energetic, drowsy and weak. Moreover, as you stop taking this drug, you will start consuming more food as your appetite will not be suppressed anymore.

Since you will experience more weakness and fatigue, you will not be energetic to exercise and continue to lose weight. Consequently, lack of energy to exercise and increased appetite will lead to weight gain.

Mechanism behind this:

When you take authentic phentermine for a long period, the body starves as your appetite is suppressed. Hence, when you stop taking it, your body will at once want to restore the food into the body. The reason behind this is that the body would want to re-establish the body weight that is natural for the individual.


Since gaining weight is a natural phenomenon when you quit phentermine, it is a must that you continue to exercise and maintain a low-calorie diet. The more you take protein rich and low-carb or low-fat diet, the more you will supply the necessary nutrients and you will be able to track your weight gain process. At the same time, you must also continue to exercise, so that the weight that you gain is reduced at the same time and you are able to maintain the weight that you have successfully achieved with the help of phentermine.