Avoid sleepless with tramadol

Avoid sleepless with tramadol

Chronic pain can be of so many types, resulting from many conditions. Regardless of which part of the body the pain is originating from, all chronic pain, especially the one that is persistent plays a lead role in introducing various struggles. More often than not, the main problem of suffering from chronic pain is sleepless nights leading to unproductive days. Tramadol would be the best pain medication in such cases due to various reasons.

Tramadol XR is the extended-release version of Tramadol that came into existence after noticing the plight of chronic pain sufferers. Compared to the immediate release, extended-version works round-the-clock providing continuous protection to its users. It is made with an advanced formulation that contains double layer tablet, the first of which dissolves quickly to facilitate fast pain relief and the second layer dissolves gradually for pain protection throughout the day.

How does Tramadol XR work to treat pain

Tramadol XR is mostly prescribed to treat severe pain conditions. It works on the central nervous system and brain to reduce pain in different parts of the body. It also works on the opioid receptors in brain and increases the feeling of pleasure. Since it acts centrally, it can be employed to treat various kinds of pain. However, arthritis and back pain patients are the ones who find themselves using Tramadol XR most of the time. This analgesic drug provides relief in as less as 1 hour after taking the pill. Some people even feel relief in lesser time. Usually a dose of 50 mg is starting dose of Tramadol. It can be increased to a maximum of 400 mg per day depending on the condition of the patient.

But Tramadol should only be taken with a prescription from a doctor as it is classified as a controlled substance. Although in the beginning it was not regarded as a controlled substance, by identifying its potential to cause dependency and addiction in patients, FDA re-categorised it as scheduled drug. But the negative side of Tramadol only comes to surface if the medicine is not used properly or it is taken in higher doses. Hence one need not worry about this as long as they are using the medication right.

Advantages of using Tramadol XR for treating pain

  • Enjoy pain relief for longer periods of pain
  • Experience fast pain-relief from many types of chronic pain
  • Get the pills in bulk and use it as and when it is needed as its application is multi-faceted
  • Experience calmness and elevated mood levels along with pain relief due the effect that Tramadol has on serotonin and dopamine chemicals in the brain
  • Benefit from sound sleep during the night as Tramadol XR has a longer staying power.

Of course all these benefits are only possible if the pill is used right. Hence go through the manufacturer’s instructions before using the drug. Do take it only in the amount that is higher than what is prescribed for you. Higher dosage does not provide better pain relief. It just aggravates the condition.